The Most Common People Yoga Moves You’re Probably Doing Wrong

Yoga is a great way to improve your flexibility and strength. It can also help you relieve stress and anxiety. Here are the most common people yoga positions that beginners often do wrong.

Common People Yoga Positions You’re Probably Doing Wrong

1. Chair pose: This pose is often done wrong because people put their feet too far apart. Try putting your feet hip-width apart instead.

2. Child’s pose: This pose is often done wrong because people don’t fully extend their spine. Make sure to extend your torso and spine all the way to the floor before you let go of the arms and legs.

3. Cat/Cow: Make sure to keep your back straight when you do this pose. Keep your shoulder blades retracted and down, and lift your chin up so that you look straight ahead.

4. Warrior I: Don’t put your hands on your hips; keep them at your sides, palms facing forward. Keep your chest lifted and look straight ahead while you breathe in and out slowly.
five woman standing on seashore

2: Downward Facing Dog


Upward Facing Dog.

seaside power yoga

3: Cobra Pose

Downward Dog.

4: Upward-Facing Dog.

Common People Yoga

5: Wheel Pose

Child’s Pose

Triangle Pose

Half-Moon Pose

Bird of Paradise pose

Bridge pose.

6: Plank

7: Chair Pose

Triangle Pose

Bird of Paradise Pose

Bridge pose.

8: Downward Facing Dog Twist

Child’s pose with hand on the floor by the hips

Bridge poses with their hand on the floor by the hips.

Common People Yoga


These are the most common yoga positions that beginners often do wrong. If you want to be safe and achieve maximum results, make sure you follow these simple guidelines.